Aethera: The Creation God

Magic Word: avatar

In a sense, I guess this is a development of the character from “Painter from Beyond” in one of my previous WOTD prompts. By the away, I accept constructive criticism on what I write.

The war seemed to drag on for eternity. The enemy was merciless, and so were we. Eventually we reached a point where the bodies became the ground beneath our feet, our fallen brethren our foundation. We had enough, but unfortunately, our enemies had not. The day dawned that the gods themselves mediated, however. As the blood lust ravaged the plains, a radiant light of all colors emerged from the battlefield, which every being looked upon in terror. We were doomed if we continued, as this was no mere avatar. This was C’thulk, in his unmasked form, ready to create unspeakable horrors and blessings alike if a single sword struck another living being. It didn’t speak, we didn’t expect it to. We simply waited for our generals to meet. As the parties agreed to lay down their swords before the orb, the ground rumbled as the bodies were buried under fresh earth. The armies considered this a generosity, as the bodies were lost to the carnage. As the armies separated, C’thulk disappeared as quickly as it appeared, though we were scarred with the moment for the rest of our lives.


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