Word of the Day Hiatus

After some thought on the matter in my last update, I’ve decided to take some time off to take a breather from Word of the Day writing. I’ve been at the practice for five days a week since the end of October, and lately my work feels uninspired and, at times, just angry (Climbing Out is an example of this). I have enough creative writing on my plate with my class at the moment, and I intend to do an occasional blog post on various subjects when time and interest allow. I’m glad that people have taken the time to … Continue reading Word of the Day Hiatus

Climbing Out

Magic Word: Hegira My life has been one constant hegira from my poor decisions and bad luck. I guess you can say that I’ve become a professional at making the best from the worst. In this case, I’ve learned to improve myself through learning what not to do at first. My brother died from alcohol poisoning, therefore I abstain at the cost of my social life. That’s all people do down here is drown out their sorrows in whiskey and hard liquor. Any shows which don’t involve sports, westerns or the US military are for steers and queers here. One … Continue reading Climbing Out

Political Play

Magic Word: fard Note: I’m using the term for an undefined meaning; to embellish or gloss over. The politician farded over the truth of the elections, which wasn’t necessary for the people to know. What would it matter to them if they knew the elections were rigged. What would they do, take arms on their Twitter accounts? Nevermind that they demanded change and asked him to do it; they don’t know what they want, just look at the last guy they voted for! Now they want to undo everything he did. When the confusion blankets the building, that’s the best … Continue reading Political Play

Kitchen Rampage

A note before today’s bit begins; this week’s theme is words that sound rude, but actually have a decent meaning. Also, for today’s bit, it’s not very long because I’ve been stressed all day, so my brain’s a little fried. Magic Word: cockup “What kind of cockup is this?! Presley, did you use a grill or a fuckin’ blowtorch to cook this steak?! The pots look like shit, everything looks like shit! Next time HR sends me help, they need to make sure they have better training than a dollar store cookbook! Those customers are never coming back after they … Continue reading Kitchen Rampage

The Truth is Out There

Magic Word: swami The acolyte muttering angrily to himself as he chopped firewood for he fire. Why was he instructed by the swami to make a camp outside the monastery if he had his own room inside the cloisters? This was a waste of time, there was no way he’d find the meaning of life-like the swami supposedly did with these meaningless chores. Perhaps there was a secret meaning for this, or perhaps it was a punishment? No, he didn’t do anything against the scripture to deserve this. The swami was hiding something.. this was nonsense. The meaning of life … Continue reading The Truth is Out There