Word of the Day Writings-Week of December 9th, 2016

School’s been out for a bit, so I’ve been a tad lazy this week getting the post up for these. I’ve been doing more or less the same thing for several months now, so some movies and gaming are on order. Once again, one of my writings is buried in a journal somewhere in my schoolwork, and I don’t feel like finding it for the time being. I need to start making a better effort to put them into Word first. Anyways, here’s the pieces for the week!


Vanity Raid

Magic Word: Succulent

The traveling party was infused with fear at the sight they beheld when they arrived in town, the villagers defended the same man whom the party was hired to kill. “I can’t sense an aura or any changes in the villagers… who is this man?” Nat’check the gnome mage commented as they reached the barricade.

“I’unno. This fellow needs a better plan.” said Gullar the dwarven warrior as he callously broke the barrier and disarmed a villager’s pitchfork with his warhammer. “We can’t let you hurt such a beautiful man!” The villager screamed in a zealous fit. “I get that.” Gullar replied coldly as he knocked the man out with a blow to the head.

As they trekked towards the town center, a few more enamored villagers were incapacitated before they met their mark; a lithe, succulently dressed man with curled red locks and rippling muscle was guarded by the remainder of the village. “Maybe I give these people something a little more pleasant to enjoy.” Sara the human bard chimed as she began to sing with a voice which possessed an unnatural beauty of its own.

Nat’chek and Gullur were used to the flowing, serene tones of Sara’s mystical hymns, but the villagers muttered amongst themselves before charging at the group. “I may have to kill a few.” Gullur said with a tone of disgust before quickly being dismissed by Nat’chek. “I know just the trick.” he said as he created a series of glowing runs in the air with his finger, causing the villagers to sleep on sight. The other two, as well as the red-haired man averted their gaze. “Damn, we’re not that lucky today.” Gullur noted as they took the opportunity to charge the man.

“I didn’t keep my beauty by receiving scars!” The man announced with an air of extravagance as he motioned for the air to lift underneath Gullur. Nat’chek was ready at the move, and hurtled Gullur towards Zeldek with a gust of wind as the earth pillar pinnacled. Zelchek reached out to deliver a stream of chain lightning before Gullur let out a battle cry that started even his own companions, who knew his voice for several months now. Zelchek flinched, which was enough time to decapitate him.

“Are we gettin’ paid for this?” Gullur asked the group as he cleaned his hammer of the blood. “Let’s… let’s clean up for now… I’d rather not allow the kids to see this. I’m still now used to it myself.” Sara replied. Their journey finally over, perhaps they could rest well with their pay.

The Painter from Beyond

Magic Word: afflatus

To this day, I don’t understand what that thing was… it assumed a humanoid form, when our police squad attempted to keep it out of a bank vault. It seemed to be more curious than hostile, it didn’t steal a dime, but the law is the law. When we opened fire on him, his steel gray skin didn’t bleed, but the site of impact simply melted off as if his body were made of paint. When the creature reached the vault, its hand melted into the security equipment and shut it off… what sort of afflatus did it have? Was it even real? Joe and Hugh say that it was, but I still have my doubts… was the creature an alien? It had a humanoid face, but the short white hair and the black marks beneath his eyes appeared to be more than dye and makeup. It didn’t speak either… maybe I should just bury that memory… if I can.

Aethera-Travel’s End

Magic Word: Peregrination

I give… I’ve had a long life of almost endless peregrination. I’ve wandered the skies themselves, the ocean’s surface, and everything in between. I remember the first time I found my best friend on the beach… he tried to nuzzle my arm and his gelatinous body absorbed it with a squeaking sound. I eventually found his home, an island called Vegna Macca, where the best and brightest had free reign over their ideas, only to destroy it. Unfortunately, I could never find his creator of their home. Even after Mage’s Academy, I saw some wild things in the world, such as theories of a parallel world, and a void separating them. I’ve seen things that no being alive needs to see, and I will soon fix that…

Bridezilla’s Fragile Fling

Magic Word:ostentatious 

The ostentatious bride walked up the aisle with the groom, as aloof as the day she met him. His gait irritated her with every step.. this was HER day, and this fairy tale would go the way she envisioned. She could always do it again later.. his penis was the best prize she had found lately.. she could probably do better if she divorced him. They reached the altar, which had candles with stands from Russia, exactly what she told them to get. The priest began his routine, and the bride’s hand tightened, ready to strike if the man paused too long. The vows were reached, and the groom paused too long before receiving a mark on his cheek from the bride. “You need to think about this?! You realize how many guys would kill for these?!” She screamed as she looked at her own breasts. That was enough. She stormed out of the room, and the groom felt a hint of sadness before a relief of freedom overwhelmed him, satisfied by the bullet he dodged.


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