July Update

Hello again! The last semester burnt out my will to read or write, hence the lack of posts over the past several months. I’ve felt a bit more compelled to write as a hobby once again, so hopefully I’ll have plenty of content in the future. It’s taken me a minute, but I have a focus for the page. Aside from the occasional miscellaneous post, I will be focusing on anything which relates to storytelling. Book reviews, anime, movies, comics, etc. Due to some lifestyle changes, video game posts will be minimal, if not nonexistent. I have a series idea … Continue reading July Update

Writing: Pass the Salt

Original “Salt?” She asked. “I swore off salt a while ago. Bad for your health, it gets everywhere, it just doesn’t make sense to eat it, and I don’t know why other people do it.” He replied. “But this salt is your salt. You’re going to be responsible for it in my plate.” She replied as she pointed a finger at her plate. “No it’s not, we’ve been over this.” He retorted. He pointed to three guys are nearby tables. “They’ve had their salt around you, and I think it’s one of theirs.” “How do you know it’s not your … Continue reading Writing: Pass the Salt