What’s your life goal?

I’m asking because I’m in a contemplative mood, and obviously in a sharing mood. So, I’ve been thinking… do you guys and girls have an “ultimate goal” to achieve? For instance, I think the sum of all the habits and goals I’ve been working towards in the past year have been for achieving peace of mind. I’ve been eating healthier, removing bad vices such as TV and excessive spending, etc. I understand that it’s realistically impossible, but with all the nonsense that goes on in the world, I think that we need good people with a healthy outlook to be … Continue reading What’s your life goal?

July Update

Hello again! The last semester burnt out my will to read or write, hence the lack of posts over the past several months. I’ve felt a bit more compelled to write as a hobby once again, so hopefully I’ll have plenty of content in the future. It’s taken me a minute, but I have a focus for the page. Aside from the occasional miscellaneous post, I will be focusing on anything which relates to storytelling. Book reviews, anime, movies, comics, etc. Due to some lifestyle changes, video game posts will be minimal, if not nonexistent. I have a series idea … Continue reading July Update

An Argument for Remaining Childless

I’m getting a bit higher in years, realizing that it’s almost been 10 years since I graduated high school and acquired my first college diploma. I’ve had a slow love life, and the longer I live and witness the reality of that stage of life, the more I’m grateful for the delay. For example… cheating/deception/lack of thought before producing children/etc. Especially given the current political and literal climate, I’ve made the decision not to have kids. Some people seem to believe that their value will increase if they’re married and immediately produce kids… is that true? It seems a bit … Continue reading An Argument for Remaining Childless

February Update-Still Here!

Hello everyone! I’ve obviously been away for a bit, but I’ve been practicing my writing through other methods, as well as keeping busy with life duties. I’ve been practicing my writing with a website I learned about in my creative writing course, called 750 Words. What is does is give you a daily writing goal of 750 words to reach every day, in a private word processor. I’ve found it to be surprisingly therapeutic, and there’s  free trial for 30 days before a subscription kicks in. As a personal goal, I want to get the drive to attempt a longer … Continue reading February Update-Still Here!

Love Like Skittles

With the inauguration today, I’d imagine that many are a series of emotions, most of them negative. I figured I’d give an analogy of something I’ve been thinking about that… could be perceived as cute? I’ve been thinking about how I handle relationships with others, and how to form connections with others. It’s a bit simplistic, but I thought of my assortment of interests and traits as a bag of Skittles, one which changes flavors and those flavors grow stronger or weaker over time. I picture most acquaintances as someone who enjoys a flavor I have to offer. That guy … Continue reading Love Like Skittles

January Update-Burnout/School/Blog Identity

Hello! Welcome to the January blog update. Lately, I’ve felt a bit of burnout to my Word of the Day writings, and I believe it shows in the quality of the writing.Perhaps it’s just my perception, but it doesn’t feel inspired, especially with the esoteric words that are thrown at me on a daily basis. I don’t know how to handle it, honestly. I’m scared that if I take a vacation, I’ll either bore people or lose interest in writing more. On the other hand, I believe I’ve earned it a bit. I’ve been churning out writings for five days … Continue reading January Update-Burnout/School/Blog Identity

Tales from Book Trekker’s Dreams- Sephiroth targets Arby’s

I’m posting this because 1) I feel this nugget needs to be shared and 2) I want to make damn sure it’s not forgotten. I had a dream where I met the ghost of Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7 fame), only to become him shortly afterwards. Eventually, I was myself again, and we learned from a strip of receipt tape that he would haunt an Arby’s five minutes after closing. Eventually, my unknown partner and I visited a house to gather information. Long story short, one guy stole my video game and I had him in a choke hold like a … Continue reading Tales from Book Trekker’s Dreams- Sephiroth targets Arby’s

On ‘Adulting’

I don’t understand some of the ideas which come with reaching a certain age in an individual’s life. Personally, I believe that the primary goal of a growing person is to be a responsible, productive member of society. Work, pay bills, you know the drill. What about adherence to social norms, though? People seem to be expected to throw away anything deemed “inappropriate” for them after a certain age, such as playing video games, for instance. What does it matter? There’s a time and a place for everything, so if I want to do something like play games or watch … Continue reading On ‘Adulting’

December Update/Year in Review

Another year has passed, and from my perspective, the main thing to take away from it is that we’ve made it out. Between the numerous celebrity deaths and the questionable politics that happened in the States, everyone’s probably had some degree of stress over the course of the year. School’s finally over for me, and hopefully I can get out and do some of the local sites in a blog post. Personally, I’m looking forward to being a little laid back now that I don’t have the hamster wheel to run for about a month. Speaking of school, I finally … Continue reading December Update/Year in Review