Paladin’s Ascent-Chapter 1.1

In the Troll capital of Guldrum in the crimson desert known as the Hoardlands… “We don’t need the western lands to survive! Our subterranean farms can go deeper if our people grow!” Proclaimed a green, reptilian troll donned in silk robes to the six other trolls in the room. “We can build our proud walls, we can sustain ourselves on our own lands!”  The tallest of the group interrupted the banter… “Silence! This is Providence, for our prosperity. We deserve better than the crimson sands we call home.”  There was murmers among the lower members before they agreed… Apologies for … Continue reading Paladin’s Ascent-Chapter 1.1

Paladin’s Ascent-Chapter 1

Some freeform writing to keep myself in practice… hopefully for your enjoyment. I’m attempting to write a thousand words a day to improve my writing ability and to allow my writing voice to evolve further. This is something that I’ve attempted to write a couple of times, but lost due to hard drive failure. So.. I’m going to write and publish it as it’s being written. Some notes before I attempt this: Any and all constructive criticism is welcome. Naturally, the nature of the writing will mean that it will have a rough draft feeling to it. I’m not sure … Continue reading Paladin’s Ascent-Chapter 1