TV Trek: Castlevania

This one came as a surprise… I have a limited knowledge of the Castlevania games, but the series is based on of Castlevania III (The only game I’ve experienced is Lords of Shadow for the Xbox 360). Due to the recent release, I will try to minimize the amount of spoilers for this article.

The story begins with the prologue for Dracula’s actions and their consequences, before quietly introducing Trevor. There’s plenty of blood and gore, but any fan of the series likely expects this before going into the show.

The voice acting is excellent, and it helps when the VA for Trevor is Richard Armitage himself, of The Hobbit fame. There’s plenty of humor thanks to the crass behavior of the townspeople and Trevor’s sarcastic remarks. The actors take care to pronounce the towns of Wallachia properly, and no one to my knowledge sticks out as poorly portrayed.

This is more or less a prologue for the following season(s), which the second is said to premiere sometime in 2018. There’s also talk of involving the other games in the series, but nothing solid has emerged yet. Unfortunately, only four episodes are available at the moment, and eight are advertised for the second season.


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