PDC 2017 Draft Series

The Dicing season is well underway, and the game has grown considerably in the few years since I started playing. At Ground Zero Comics in Tyler, TX, we see a few professional players as well as people like me, who play the game on a casual level. Several new sets, minor adjustments, and set rotations have molded the game rather well.

The drafting for the night was a mixture of the new Batman set and the World’s Finest set from last year, which led to decks which synergized well between the two sets. I had a deck which featured plenty of low-cost Batman themed characters, as well as Carmine Falcone for sidekicks. I made the mistake of placing two Batman™ cards in the deck, which caused issues with “Rallying the GCPD” Commissioner Gordon and “Caretaker of Wayne Manor” Alfred Pennyworth, which one was replaced with “Dynamic” Robin. All of the basic actions were legal, for the sake of simplicity.

In terms of wins/losses, I didn’t fare very well, but I enjoyed myself anyway. I believe that the first round was due to a difference in power from the characters. My team supported each other, but the raw stats from so many low-cost dice were questionable. It could have also come from my dice management, though I attempted to pick dice based on what made sense from the situation.

The second round is where I noticed a second weakness in my team layout.. my opponent had an all villain team, complete with the new “One Bad Day” The Joker and “Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom” Basic Action (A custom version of Villainous Pact, featuring a different name and artwork). Ultimately, the Joker was able to easily bypass my dice and take the victory.

My last round was a bye, so I called it a night early. As someone who enjoys the social experience of the game over the competitive aspect, it was fun to see everyone again. My personal life and driving distance to the comic store prevent me from attending every game, but that just makes the ones I do enter more enjoyable.

Additional Information

Ground Zero Comics Site

Draft Set by fenris072


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