An Argument for Remaining Childless

I’m getting a bit higher in years, realizing that it’s almost been 10 years since I graduated high school and acquired my first college diploma. I’ve had a slow love life, and the longer I live and witness the reality of that stage of life, the more I’m grateful for the delay. For example… cheating/deception/lack of thought before producing children/etc. Especially given the current political and literal climate, I’ve made the decision not to have kids. Some people seem to believe that their value will increase if they’re married and immediately produce kids… is that true? It seems a bit arbitrary to me. If that’s what you want, then do it. I just ask that you take consideration for their future.

First off, let’s talk population density. To drive the point home, here’s a site with an estimation of the current world population. At the time of writing, it’s approaching 7.5 billion people, and assuming that drastic changes don’t occur, that number will only climb. With this in mind, consider how much in resources (food/water/living space/etc.) you consume by yourself, as well as the number listed in the site above. We only have so much fresh water we can use without taking steps to process salt water.

On the subject of the climate, there’s also the issue of global warming. Recently, we broke a carbon milestone of 4oo ppm, and the increase doesn’t appear to be slowing down. We’re feeling the effects of the early stages of global warming already, and it only gets worse from here. Do I really want to produce a kid who will be exposed to such conditions, because I refused to take a decision into my own hands? What will that lead to, you ask? From my perspective, a rise in global water levels, ravaged ecosystems, a possible decrease in drinkable water and living space due to the aforementioned rise in water levels… I’m obviously skipping many side effects, possibly several that are important to note, so I’ll let NASA explain a bit.

I will concede to the people who have declared me selfish; they are, to a degree, correct. I find the money and freedom to be more desirable than waking up at 2 am to change a diaper, and I don’t want the stress of worrying about a child, which will turn into worrying about a teenager, which will turn into the worrying about a grown individual… I don’t hold anything against people who do choose to have a family, but nothing about the above appeals to me in the slightest. To choose to raise a child is an expensive choice as well. Consider how much it costs to simply birth a child in a decent hospital, then go home and renovate with proper nursery equipment, food, further medical bills, clothes, toys, a halfway decent education, the list goes on…

I’ll likely get some flak for this part, but as an unmarried individual, I have to consider negative side effects to being married before I make that decision as well. My mentality is to protect myself first, and worry about finding a life partner second. Divorce rates still appear to be astronomical by my standards, and with divorce comes alimony payments, and with children in a divorce comes child support (likely from me), and kids who will have to deal with the fact that their parents no longer live in the same room together. I understand that life is about taking risks, but given the current climate, that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to spend a marriage with an unhealthy distrust of a wife, but I operate under the assumption that I can’t know the future, or the entirety of someone’s thought processes.

I cannot justify for myself why I would want children, assuming that I ignored the above factors for choosing not to… I guess I would lose all of those moments that I can’t get anywhere else? (Baby’s first steps/graduation/etc). That doesn’t interest me enough to take the plunge. I suppose that there are others, such as tax exemptions and whatnot, but those are also minor benefits to me.

I’m sure there’s a myriad of reasons that I haven’t explored in this meager blog post, but I think that the weight of the issues are more than enough for me to make an informed choice on the matter. Maybe one day, I’ll consider changing my mind, but that will be an extremely hard sell. Speaking of blog posts, hopefully I’m a bit more… inspired in the future.



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