January Update-Burnout/School/Blog Identity

Hello! Welcome to the January blog update.

Lately, I’ve felt a bit of burnout to my Word of the Day writings, and I believe it shows in the quality of the writing.Perhaps it’s just my perception, but it doesn’t feel inspired, especially with the esoteric words that are thrown at me on a daily basis. I don’t know how to handle it, honestly. I’m scared that if I take a vacation, I’ll either bore people or lose interest in writing more. On the other hand, I believe I’ve earned it a bit. I’ve been churning out writings for five days a week since late October, and that’s just for the Word of the Day posts, never mind the other posts (which, assuming I take a vacation, I intend to continue).

School’s coming up, so that will take up a sizable chunk of time, especially considering that I have a couple of high level college courses filling my plate. With that in mind, I’ll have mandatory creative writing to do on a weekly basis, as well as a bit of reading to take care of.

Finally, I feel like I’m developing an identity as a blogger, or a “focus” as most people in the blogging community call it. Along with general writing, I have a focus on anime as well. I do, however, prefer to write about whatever I want, as a form of release, especially for the subjects that I don’t know anyone personally to discuss. The fact of the matter is, it’s a pain in the ass to find people to talk about certain subjects in the real world. Not many of my friends care about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, then are willing to listen to a discussion on the legal ramifications of graffiti, to werewolf lore to the early history of fast food restaurants. Enter this blog, which people are able to find me and take an interest in individual posts.

On the subject of the community, I’ve been adopting a custom of “give and take” in connecting with fellow bloggers. I appreciate the attention my blog receives, so I’ve made an effort to go through my followed sites and read anything that catches my interest, as well as like and comment as appropriate. (If I don’t follow/like/comment something, I hope that it’s not taken personally, I’m simply being honest with what I like.)

I thank everyone who’s made the past 4-5 months an adventure for me (the inception of this blog), and I look forward to meeting new people and new blog discoveries. Have a happy 2017!



5 thoughts on “January Update-Burnout/School/Blog Identity

  1. You shouldn’t be worried about taking a break, you’d be surprised at the ideas that burst into your head when you get a little rest. It’s good that you’re finding your focus (didn’t know that bloggers call it that if I’m honest) seeing and reading about what other bloggers are personally interested in is a big part of what makes blogs appeal to me. Good luck with your classes and developing your blog too!

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  2. I hear ya. Sometimes it just takes some time for things…especially a blog…to take shape. But regardless of how often you post, and what you post about, you will always find a faithful group of supporters on wordpress…so just take it one post at a time. And good luck with classes! 🙂

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