Thoughts and Impressions: The Magi Series

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has winded down after the season finale a few weeks ago, and with it I’ve been hunting for a new anime to keep interested. After I realized that I was craving another adventure series, Magi seemed to fit the bill, from what little I had seen before. I’ve finished it, and am currently on the Sinbad spinoff. Honestly, I realized that I made a mistake in letting the first episode dictate the entire anime. It’s fantastic and hit the exact spot which I wanted to fill.

The story revolves around a man named Alibaba meeting a little boy named Aladdin, who begin their adventures by scouring a dungeon which leads to riches and the power of a Djinn. This is just the beginning, as the series touches on political strife, the effects of war on the general population, and the inner turmoil of man itself. The theme initially begins in the Magi universe’s equivalent of the Middle East, but gradually includes other cultures of the world as well (Ancient Rome, Imperial China, Medieval Europe, etc). However, with the inclusion of djinn, vessels to contain their power, Middle Eastern imagery, and names from 1001 Nights and Biblical names, the original impression remains throughout the entire series in some form or fashion.

The main characters all stand out on their own, and each character grows steadily internally and externally over the course of the series. However, one particular character stands out above them all; Sinbad. How should I describe him… imagine what the baby of a threesome between Gol D. Roger from One Piece, the Dos Equis man (the original), and the Mandarin from Iron Man would be like. He’s introduced stark naked in the middle of the woods, and quickly reveals himself to be the most powerful individual in the series, perhaps surpassing the Magi. Needless to say, there’s a reason why Sinbad has received his own spinoff series.

The animation of the series is about standard for an anime series. The backgrounds are well detailed, the characters are typically colorful, and they often have deformed scenes for comedic effect.

Aside from a few moments, the music is perfect for portraying the story. For instance, Sinbad’s theme signifies royalty and power.

The series does contain several tropes which show themselves throughout shōnen manga, including a time skip, a giant war showcasing the most powerful attacks, and women with unnaturally perfect figures everywhere. Along with the latter is the inclusion of sexual humor. I find this interesting because normally anime irritates me when it includes unnecessary sex jokes, but this series always seems to find a twist to it to make me laugh. Despite the obvious timing, I’ll warn you that the following is NSFW:

The manga is in its final stages at the moment, and the anime is currently 63 episodes, including the Sinbad spinoff. However, it’s possible that we’ll receive the rest of the story sooner or later. I admit that I tend to be lazy when it comes to following a story via the manga these days, so I’ll probably wait until the anime continues to learn the rest of the story.


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