The Truth is Out There

Magic Word: swami

The acolyte muttering angrily to himself as he chopped firewood for he fire. Why was he instructed by the swami to make a camp outside the monastery if he had his own room inside the cloisters? This was a waste of time, there was no way he’d find the meaning of life-like the swami supposedly did with these meaningless chores. Perhaps there was a secret meaning for this, or perhaps it was a punishment? No, he didn’t do anything against the scripture to deserve this. The swami was hiding something.. this was nonsense. The meaning of life is hidden in the philosophy of the world, not in stroking two pieces of flint together! When the fire was lit, the acolyte decided that he had enough. He stormed to the monastery, only to find the swami looking at him, unblinking. Surprised, the acolyte hesitated as the swami pointed him back towards the light of the fire. The acolyte sulked and returned to his chores, and the swami followed in his steps. The swami eyed the scene for a moment, then told the acolyte “Leave”. The acolyte’s rage returned… he had done everything correctly, what was wrong?! “The fire and the camp are perfect, I’m wasting time with this nonsense, swami! The meaning of life isn’t in placing furs on a stick to make a tent!” The acolyte yelled. More surprise came his way when the swami didn’t flinch at his anger. “You’re right.. it’s not.” He waved a hand around himself towards his surroundings. “It’s out there… in the world we live in. We all have our purpose in life… the answer to your existence is something I can’t give you. You’ll have to find it yourself, just as I did.” He continued with an air of serenity. The acolyte thought for a moment as the meaning of his recent months of survival skills clicked in an instant. A surge of happiness clashed with the disappointment of leaving his home. “Can I come back?” The boy asked, trying to hold back tears. “Of course, but there’s nothing more for me to teach you here.” The swami replied. The acolyte determined that when the sun rose the next day, he would chase it, in the hopes of finding his purpose.


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