Fastest Code Alive

Magic Word: hemidemisemiquaver

This week’s trying to break me with strange words, and I’m not letting it…anyways, here’s some venting from trying to put in cheat codes back in the early days.

“Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to put this 8 step cheat code during the tone? It’s just a hemidemisemiquaver of a note, did the beta testers simultaneously use their feet to finish the tone with a second controller? I just want to have a bit more fun in this game, is that so much to ask? I hope the QA department for this game received a pay raise for having the dexterity to get into the debug mode. I have to reset the game every time I screw up, and there’s Sonic, taunting me with that 90’s finger wag, the motherfucker.”


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