Out of the Fire

Magic Word: dermatoglyphics

“Fluid pressure appears to be stable on it, dermatoglyphics show nothing that could hamper the procedure, brain appears stable. I think we can make use of this one.”
“He’s not going to end the war, but he’ll be a valuable asset. We begin the procedure tomorrow.”

I heard all sorts of strange conversations as I laid in the cramped chamber I was locked in. I was forced to eat all sorts of fluids and solids, most which brought strange side effects or pain. After I was locked in from my kidnapping from Earth. I miss Earth… we were fools to send signals for other planets to listen to… turns out someone did. The seas were boiled and the land destroyed after a few hundred people were taken to.. somewhere. I originally awoke to the gibberish of the scaly, rugged creatures which took us. They soon gave me a strange liquid which allowed me to understand them. I lost track of time as I stared at the ceiling, which had an organic appearance, almost as if I was inside of a larger beast’s intestines.

At some point, a gaseous substance poured into my chamber, and I was unconscious, only to awake to the sound of what seemed to be alarms. I could feel the heat of flames from inside of my enclosure, when the door flew open and a hand flew in to pull me out, a human hand. I stumbled out of the chamber to meet the eyes of a woman with pale skin, an athletic body and curled, brunette hair. Before I could thank her, I was dragged out of the building, as lights flashed violently throughout the strange building, which had doors that matched organic appearance. Occasionally someone attempted to shoot the girl, only for her to quickly dispatch the assassin. Eventually, we reached a door which flooded with a strange light upon opening.. we were outside, on a planet with no noticeable clouds but a grey tinted sky. A group of different aliens cheered as she emerged into the reddish landscape..


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