War of the Words

Magic Word: sesquipedalian

This one was a tough one… a long word referring to long words. I remember something I was told about grad students using unnecessary vocabulary in their papers in order to reach for a higher grade…

The term paper is going to be returned today! Tim and I made a bet on which of our papers would make a higher grade; his sesquipedalian nightmare focused on appearing intelligent, or mine which worded to be simple and easy to understand. I mean, seriously, long-winded doesn’t mean that he’ll come out on top… didn’t he find a decoder ring in his cereal as a kid, only to discover that the message was “Remember to eat your Lucky Charms!”? Don’t waste the teacher’s time, just get to the point! That’s what I was always taught. Oh! Here she comes, those fifteen dollars are mine! Wait.. we both made the same grade… we were both too wordy. How in the hell…


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