Word of the Day Writings -Week of December 23rd, 2016

The No Face’s Mission

Magic Word: platitudinarian

The police almost had me that time… they stopped tracking my facial features a long time ago, and they’ve been scanning for anyone with a strange OS. They’ve never seen anyone with dynamic code, and I intend to keep it that way until better times happen. The president passed a law that allowed law enforcement to scan the OS of everyone to detect terrorist tendencies, and the people pushed for it. After all, nothing to hide, nothing illegal, right? I’m so close to my goal… if I can just put an end to the president, there can be a chance for change. This platitudinarian knows what the people want to hear, and he’ll milk that cow for what it’s worth. I have a few hours before I reach his office… they may be looking for me, so I’ll need to change my physiology before I reach the city limits.

The Faceless Man-The Head Falls

Magic Word: orotund

The orotund man sat last at the long table with lavish decorations and the finest foods as the leaders of the free world watched him with anticipation. The technology of Earth is evolving at a rate which may surpass humanity’s comprehension, but the President wanted his allies to know that change is good. When he was asked about the increasing number of deaths and the increasing unemployment in his country, he simply replied that there’s always a sacrifice to make for the greater good, to which the questioner winced, but nodded. After all, a broken alliance for a small mishap is a foolish mistake to make. The President called for the chef to provide more salmon to the table, which a rotund individual in white clothing quickly brought a silver platter to the table. The President sampled a taste of it before detailing how it’s the common man’s problem if he can’t keep up in modern society. As a leader of the EU began to retort, the President began to sweat and vomited before collapsing on the dining room floor. The White House was in an uproar, and the chef who provided the meal was nowhere to be found. Security quickly began to secure the surrounding area of the White House, and an issue was made for the chef who prepared the salmon, who was currently indisposed in a long unused bedroom. A Service member stood guard, staring into the sunset. A new day was happening, what would it bring? He questioned if framing an innocent man-made him better than the president as the light faded…

To help with the following bit, I’ve been watching a bit of Rick and Morty lately, and this came from the improvised nonsense the show has at times:

Cork Man’s Day Off

Magic Word: suberose

“Hoo-whee! I’m the Cork Man, I’m the most suberous son of a bitch alive! Nothing sinks my mood, not even the dastardly Wine Man! Hey, it’s him now! How are you doing?”

“Fuck you, Cork Man, I’ll pop you some day, I only get better with age!”

“That’s the spirit, WM! Practice makes perfect, but I’m not screwed yet!”

“That’s it! I just need to get a screw in you!”

“I’d be more scared if your hands could pick up solid objects, my man, but you ain’t solid or nothin!”

“Damn, foiled again!”

Cain’s Contemplation

Magic Word: parable

I’ve seen many things occur in the world. I was there when the firmament broke, I’ve learned of information that would collapse civilization if another human were to rediscover it. I’ve witnessed the inspiration for many parables, some of which were inscribed in the Bible itself. I shouldn’t have killed Abel.. I want to die. God was serious when he said I was to wander though, I never stopped, and angels block my way from human interaction. I can only watch from a distance, and those angels destroy any settlement I attempt to call my own. My suffering can only end when the chain reaction of my sins comes to an end.. and everything else as well… I wait eagerly for that day.

Art of Dubiety

Magic Word: dubiety

People never show their full face, there’s always a hint of dubiety in everything they do. Where do you trust them at? Where does the danger begin? I suppose in that regard, the decision is an art form… creativity is needed at times for this craft which begins at birth. Luckily, the mistakes can often be covered up or improvised into the painting, but sometimes they’re too horrendous to justify. Best to treat it with care, however, as different people see different results, including yourself.


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