Word of the Day Writings -Week of December 16th, 2016

I hope everyone’s holidays have been going well! It’s been hit and miss for me, but I was recently nominated for an award as University for my poetry. As you’ll see, I did a bit of research and playing around with the sport of lucha this week, as I’ve been fascinated witht the idea of wrestlers protecting their identitys with masks.

Decisions, Decisions

Magic Word: behoof

It was the behoof of our leader that we cross the icy pond. Sure, we could have simply did it the smart way and went around to reach our destination, but this was the way to make us great again. Our leader didn’t appear to be prepared for his trek,but he ensured that his friends would behoof him, and us as a consequence. In fact, we had our choice of four leaders, one which suggested that we go around to reach the other side, but nobody had heard of him, so what use could he be? As the time drew closer to cross, the ice slowly began to crack…

The Conquering Tiger

Magic Word: comminute

He had done it. The Royal Tiger had comminuted his opponent for the championship belt. An unearthly roar of cheers and jeer emerged from the crowd as the final count signaled the beginning of his dynasty. The Royal Tiger felt an immense surge of ecstasy from his battered body, but a lingering feeling hung in the back o his mind… the realization that he would likely be forgotten, but perhaps he could reveal himself in the final hour, or maybe the Royal Tiger is all the fans need to know. Maybe the army of luchadores who desire his title would do the deed for him. The Royal Tiger quickly cleared his mind,and raised the belt as high as his knotted arms could handle. This was his moment, and he took it like hid did the belt; like a champ.

Tiger Party

Magic Word: maffick

The Sanchez family mafficked like no other family had done before. Ricardo had been promoted that day, for a job which hundreds of other people applied for, some striving for it their entire career. He had begun with nothing, and persevered to the top. The pay was great, even if the job gave him no fame. The sangria never tasted better, the kids yelled loudly as they had not one, but two pinatas to enjoy that day, but Ricardo questioned the prosperity for a moment. How long would it last? Would the risk be worth the promotion? The questions quickly stopped. Life was too short for them, as this was a time for enjoyment, and nobody could take that from him.

Tiger Origins

Magic Word: inhere

Royal Tiger lived for lucha, it was inhered into his being from an early age. The kids in grade school taught him this lesson well… kids tried to take his lunch money, but he was able to get them in a bind, and the feeling was satisfying. This was what originally scared him the most… his parents raised him well, and joy from his passion scared him, until his father introduced him to his master, The White Phoenix. Phoenix taught him that the joy wasn’t from the act itself, but from what he was able to accomplish with this. He learned this soon afterward, when his anger got the better of him and he attacked someone who insulted his family. Fortunately, White Phoenix was forgiving after Tiger left prison after a short stay. When Tiger reached adulthood, Phoenix had to taught him everything he knew, and the climb to the belt began…

Phoenix’s Last Flame

Magic Word: Spavined

The day finally arrived that the White Phoenix fought his last opponent. The Blood Basilisk got his name from driving his opponents to submit in his early years, but the Phoenix always rose to the challenge. He soon learned how the Phoenix got his name as well; he was notorious for getting back up. Unfortunately, even he had his limits. Phoenix won to the Basilisk, but lost to being spavined by time. Two years afterwards, the Royal Tiger heard that his master had passed. It felt like a lifetime that he had known him. He never knew his master’s true identity, as the Phoenix had requested that he was buried with his mask on. Tiger swore that he would not disappoint his master in his journey for the belt.


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