On ‘Adulting’

I don’t understand some of the ideas which come with reaching a certain age in an individual’s life. Personally, I believe that the primary goal of a growing person is to be a responsible, productive member of society. Work, pay bills, you know the drill. What about adherence to social norms, though? People seem to be expected to throw away anything deemed “inappropriate” for them after a certain age, such as playing video games, for instance. What does it matter? There’s a time and a place for everything, so if I want to do something like play games or watch cartoons, that’s my business. It makes me content, and that’s one of the few life goals that actually matter to me. Otherwise, I feel like I’m doing nothing but keeping up appearances to impress people. Sometimes I wonder if there’s some sort of caveat in the future which I need to be more careful of, but in the end, what does it matter? Anyways, I wanted to get that little bit onto paper/word processor/whatever.


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