December Update/Year in Review

Another year has passed, and from my perspective, the main thing to take away from it is that we’ve made it out. Between the numerous celebrity deaths and the questionable politics that happened in the States, everyone’s probably had some degree of stress over the course of the year.

School’s finally over for me, and hopefully I can get out and do some of the local sites in a blog post. Personally, I’m looking forward to being a little laid back now that I don’t have the hamster wheel to run for about a month. Speaking of school, I finally paid off my student loans for my Associate’s degree.. glad to have that out of the way years before most people pay it off.

Hopefully everyone enjoys their holiday(s), hopefully it’s a nice breath of fresh air to end the year properly. We had plenty of good things happen… great movies, I personally had a ridiculous amount of personal growth occur over the year, the list goes on.

I still need to work on my writing for today and work on the Pokemon Generations thoughts… only a couple of episodes left.


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