My Ars Poetica

For one of my final projects, I was to create a portfolio of work I’ve done over the semester, with an “Ars Poetica” attached, though the writing in mine has gone beyond simply writing poetry. I included my reasoning for writing in general, which happens to center around many of my core ideals and upbringing. I’ll probably use this version in my “About Me” section.

I remember as early as kindergarten that someone has labeled me as “weird”, something which I’ve come to take a great deal of pride in today. When I was a kid, I didn’t do the usual activities that other children took pleasure in on the playground. While other kids took comfort in swinging and playing soccer, my friends and I often used our imaginations and created our own world to enjoy. Granted, we were fueled by our love for action cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z, but the world became our playground as a result, sometimes to the dismay of the teachers due to our habit of play fighting. As we drifted away from our primary school years, we drifted from this hobby in our own ways, and I forgot how to manifest my love for creation for a while. My friends began to find this skill through playing tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and my fascination with exploration and creation continued through playing video games which encouraged these skills. It wasn’t until recent years that I pondered what I loved in life before I rediscovered this passion through the arts, particularly through creative writing.

Life is about experience. The power of wanderlust is a beautiful force, and it helps to keep us balanced in a world that wishes to drain us for what we’re worth. There’s always a nook and cranny to be explored, even beyond the scope of literature and writing. That’s what my writing has helped me to understand and fulfill; it helps to understand the scope of more than just the world, but the mind which seeks to understand it. As my understanding of the world evolves, I will go with it in a never-ending process.

The ability to understand is an important and increasingly neglected trait in human society. It’s understandable that we’re herd creatures, but if we live our lives to constantly please others, did we really live our life, or someone else’s? Critical thought gives us the ability to make our own decisions and grow as individuals. You’ll begin to discover and flesh out yourself in ways you never knew you were capable of. This applies to more than simply literature, and can be used in sciences, politics, understanding nature, or simply quiet introspection. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t wish to be remembered. If it happens, so be it. Why though? Everything is temporal, including ourselves, so we should enjoy life while it lasts. Humanity spends too much time rushing from one task or interest to the next without taking the time to savor what they have in front of them. For instance, in creative writing, there’s more to reading a poem than simply reading the work and being content by saying “it’s a good poem”. Reading is a conversation with yourself. Why do you like the poem? What’s the poet’s background which is infused into the work? Did they succeed or fail in their writing? Why did they do so? Digging into a work will draw you gems you never knew about the first time around.

My writing experience is a journey in and of itself. Like any other journey, distance will be traveled, stumbling will occur, adversity will find me in all forms, and challenges overcome. I question my drive sometimes, but I tell myself that I can do this. Sometimes, I’ll have low points where I suffer from a lack of reception in my writing, and that’s acceptable, as long as I take passion in pride in my writing. It’s taught me that the best results are often by accident, or an opportune spark of inspiration, or even in my worst moments. I perceive it to be one of my strongest assets; to waste it would be foolish. It needs to be nourished and matured on the road of life.

If nothing else is taken home by the reader in my writing, then remember this; Live life. Live intelligently. Leave the world a better place than the way you found it.




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