Questions for Fellow Bloggers

It’s been a few months since I’ve started blogging, and I think I have a decent grasp on it. Unfortunately, it seems that I haven’t figured out a few things, such as:

How do I increase my viewership without making a nuisance of myself? I have several social media outlets that I automatically send my work to for now. Occasionally, I’ll send a post to Reddit and test the reaction (usually I have a large surge in views and positive reception with this method).

How do you organize your topics? For a variety site like mine, I have a category drop down at the bottom.

I appreciate any help and criticism received. Have a nice day!




4 thoughts on “Questions for Fellow Bloggers

  1. I still think that the best method is to create excellent content that people are going to want to read and return for more, and most importantly, connect with other bloggers because more often than not, they’re going to make up the majority of comments and linkbacks which in turn direct more views to your blog. As for me, I’m absolutely terrible in maintaining presence on other social media outlets. I focus the most attention on my blog because it’s my main hub. I also use Twitter a lot but alas, I don’t really use it for promotion purposes…more like as a convenient and faster way to connect with fellow bloggers and readers of my blog. This is something that I need to work on, but not prioritize much because I don’t want to redirect too much time and energy from developing my blog to trying to grow my other social media presence.
    Hmmm. I also think it’s important not to become too impatient in gaining a lot of viewers from the start. This is a recipe for disillusionment and discouragement, making a lot of newbie bloggers to quit and delete their blogs. Just celebrate your small achievements and aim a little higher next time. It’s better to take baby steps, I think, and grow slowly but surely. Anyway, good luck. Keep on blogging!

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  2. I’ve wondered how to get more views too. From my experience, interacting with other blogs really helps and one important thing is to post things because you want to, not because you see a trend that can get you more followers. I have a list at the side of my blogs with all of the general themes of the things that I talk about.

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    1. That makes sense. I’ve seen a couple of famous YouTubers who were excited when stuff happened and that allowed them to write about whatever they want. I intend to keep doing so.. there’s really no point in blogging for me otherwise.

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