Word of the Day Writings-Week of December 2nd, 2016

Hello! I hope that these writings have been enjoyable so far. I’ve created work in directions I’ve never originally thought of, so the process is exciting. I have five, but the thing is that I tend to write these as I’m inspired to do so, so they may be scattered in print and digital form before they make it to the page, and I don’t feel like hunting the last one down at the moment, but I will later.


Magic Word: gnar

Wafts of fresh mead fill the halls

As the warriors rest and eat

Prepared at all times for when the horn calls

To set out for battle, more tales and grand feats!


The warriors gnarred with rage

As their foes swung their sturdy swords

No fear of death, no need to gauge

How mighty was the fallen Nord.

Lady Luck’s Laps

Magic Word: blubber

Life is Roulette.

People blubber over blanks.

People often bite the bullet.

Despite working harder

than the blank bearer.

Lady Luck’s Laps

Love and Lash unequally.

Under the day

She calls our hand.

Pokemon-Baby Steps

Magic Word: sussurate

The leaves sussurated with the promise of my first partner. Pikachu and I eyed the rolling, grassy hills carefully for signs of life. A fluttering caught the attention of my green ears as a Pidgey escaped the crowd of waving grass and attempted to fly off. “Thunder Wave!” I cried out impulsively as Pikachu hesitated, before firing off a shockwave of electricity. Red eyed the creature closely, and reached for a ball. He didn’t want to weaken it further, it was struggling enough. With a lithe toss, the ball arced towards its target and absorbed it with a red, elastic light. Red tensed as the ball wobbled a few times, he wasn’t sure if he’d handled his first catch right. The button in the center flashed red, signaling Red to feel an upsurge of joy… a fantastic start to what he was sure to be a fantastic journey…

Uncertain Consequences

Magic Word: chunter

The citizens chunter

About the president-elect

Though no amount of banter

Could have said which choice is correct.

The winter is drenched in dread

At the strange choice in cabinet

Will we prosper, or will America be stained red

By the business magnate?


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