Freeware Fantasia-Zelda Classic

Everyone these days seems to have a favorite game that they have somewhere, and usually they’ll list off many popular titles which are familiar to most. However, there’s a ton of hidden gems in the depths of the internet which are just as enjoyable as a AAA title and free to boot… if you’re willing to find them or get lucky doing so. I’m here to help with that, with a series of the best games I’ve found over years of scouring the internet.

Zelda Classic is, at its heart, a recreation of the original Legend of Zelda, with extra quests after the second quest. This is just the core of the game,  however. Over the years, this engine has been upgraded to allow custom-made quests, many which border on the technology seen in A Link To the Past and beyond. Hammers, hookshots, power gloves, the Roc’s Feather and more are able to be placed into the game at the quest maker’s command.

As the graphics are fully customizable, the quality and style vary, from the NES to the GBC to SNES quality.

It’s a similar situation with the music and sound effects. Aside from the base game, the judgments of the quality are left to the player for the individual quest.

I’ve attempted to create my own quests, but the last I checked, finding decent documentation to learn how to do so is difficult. Aside from the varying quality of the quests (which is no fault of the engine itself), this is the only issue I’ve had.


This game is the perfect scratch for an itch to play a classic Zelda games, outside of the classics themselves. If you’re looking for a game to test the engine with, I personally recommend anything made by “DarkFlameWolf”, such as “The Hidden Duality-Director’s Cut”. With some games, the theme is diverted from Zelda entirely.. I recall seeing a Mega Man and a Metroid themed game, for example.

Additional Info

Zelda Classic Website

PureZC Website (Extra quests and the materials you need to make them!)


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