Freeware Fantasia-Sonic Robo Blast 2

Everyone these days seems to have a favorite game that they have somewhere, and usually they’ll list off many popular titles which are familiar to most. However, there’s a ton of hidden gems in the depths of the internet which are just as enjoyable as a AAA title and free to boot… if you’re willing to find them or get lucky doing so. I’m here to help with that, with a series of the best games I’ve found over years of scouring the internet.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this game for several years. Sonic Robo Blast 2 began during the early years of the Sonic fan game community by a group known as Sonic Team Jr. This gem has been in development since 1998, and currently has the depth and bonuses you’d expect from a AAA Sonic game. The game is actually a DOOM mod, which allows easy modding, from simple character model swaps to overhauls. This does give the game itself some downfalls, such as the world design appearing flat, even with textures. However, the most recent updates have included slopes and the physics that go with them.

‘A game in development for nearly two decades shows strong points, however. The developers clearly show care and passion for this game. The game has emeralds and the special stages that go with them, secret levels, nods to “NIGHTS into Dreams”, the entirety of the original Sonic Robo Blast, with updated graphics and gameplay (which I don’t recommend playing the straight original, as it’s horrible by today’s standards.) The game is very well polished, it features multiplayer in the form of split screen, deathmatches where you throw rings at each other to compete for points, races, tag and CTF.

The music and the sounds effects are well made as well. The Greenflower Zone is a warm, inviting flow of soft tones, and the Deep Sea Zone gives off the impression that the ruins haven’t seen the light of day in millennia. The temporary music such as the Invincibility music below is spot on, and gives me the feeling that I can fly through the level without any problems.

This game has grown substantially since I was a kid who first learned that there was a fan game community for Sonic (and the existence of fan games in general). Nowadays, more complex 3D fangames are beginning to surface, but this one has a special place for me, as it proved that the concept could be done without being scrapped by the developer.

Additional Info

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Website


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