Word of the Day Writings-Week of November 25th, 2016

This week’s theme is words that appear to have disgusting qualities, but the meanings are beautiful. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving, and those of you who don’t celebrate it had good day in general.


The Cycle of Gratefulness

Magic Word: Pulchritude

Note: According to the Definition in the link above, the word means physical beauty, but the definition I received earlier this week assumed beauty in general.

Everything they ever owned was billowing towards the darkening sky as their house groaned from the inferno. Lisa was in a state of shock; years of her diary writings didn’t exist anymore, her diploma that she received a mere month ago was reduced to ashes, and she didn’t know where he cat Twicks was. There was still a firefighter in the building, looking for her, but did she want an innocent life risked for Twicks? She watched the house whimper in its death throes as the fire roared for what seemed like an eternity, before a shadow in the flames bolted her to life. It was the firefighter and her 2 month old kitten Twicks, whose fur was mangled and she was screaming in panic. The girl impulsively ran towards the fireman and grabbed the kitten, thanking the fireman compulsively as she petted the ash out of the kitten’s fur. She suddenly felt a mild sense of relief; her husband was alive, Twicks was alive, and so was she. The pulchritude of life was still something she needed to fully respect, and sometimes life requires a tremendous loss to know what one needs to be grateful for.

Tale of a Fast Food Critic

Magic Word: Degustation

The following bit may take a bit of explaining… I’ve been fascinated with the strangest videos lately, which is a guy who dresses us in traditional suits as he reviews fast food products. Initially, I thought that this guy was one of the most effective trolls ever to grace the internet, but he’s serious, and I’ve developed a large amount of respect for him developing and keeping his own style. He’s been interviewed by CNN, and his logic to doing this is that people are not constantly eating high dollar dinners, they’re eating fast food. Therefore, it makes more sense to review the products that people are eating.

The man wears a crisp suit

As he devours his fries

His thoughts and judgment are their own loot

He has no mercy or lies.

ReviewBrah will even teach a lecture or two

Short wave radio, climate, it’s new each time

This critic has a mission to do

Looking that classy in a suit is almost a crime.

His degustation surely lacks bounds

Except sour cream, which he despises dearly

If it’s new, he’ll make his rounds

And pass his judgment quick and clearly.

Passing Through

Magic Word: Bucolic

Note: This could.. potentially spoil a part of the new Pokemon games. Also, I apologize for this piece. I thought it would go well in theory, but I quickly learned that it was going nowhere. However, I would rather write something bad and be aware of its flaws than to slack off and write nothing at all.

Did I just find a western town on an island? I was impressed when I looked down at Dartix, an owl with tufts of grass for feathers. I attempted to process all of this until a bucolic resident approached me and spewed an amalgamation of words to me. “Eytherelilboywelcomeantakeyourshoesoffmywifekickedmeoutofthehousean-” I stopped momentarily to realize that drool was falling out of my open mouth and nodded in agreement. Dartrix looked at me like he had witnessed Willy Wonka’s boat tunnel… apparently he was trying to process the welcome as well. Tauros were running free in the dusty town center… I was getting hungry. However, I wanted to reach the next trail before day’s end, so we headed north through the local ranches.

Here’s the best video I could find to show how the greeter was speaking, by the way:

Mistress of the Sea

Magic Word: Puissant

The calm, collected expanse

caresses the waves to the bow

Treat her with respect

For when she loses her temper,

Unleashing her puissant potential

As she strives to destroy intruders

Who dare to trespass on her domain.

Werewolf Behaviors: Recent Findings

Magic Word: Crepuscular

A werewolf has the ability to detect when their prey is adapted to an urban environment, and will demonstrate its place at the top of the crepuscular food chain by transforming at the first sign of a full moon, even if sunset hasn’t occurred. The werewolf is therefore able to maximize his reign of carnage by creating a chain reaction of transformations under the proper conditions. No desire to breed occurs among werewolves, though a desire to perform sexual intercourse can occur if a werewolf and their victim are to meet in their original state. The use of silver is a myth, as anything with lethal force is capable of killing the wolf. Unfortunately, their agility and reflexes is vastly understated, so most humans cannot eliminate them without firearms. There are rumors that werewolves can infect other animals, though this hasn’t been seen in action.


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