Word of the Day Writings-Week of November 18th, 2016

I swear, the guy who sends the words out lately has been on a rampage after Trump’s election, and it shows in this week’s words as well. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, I’ve been stressed out this week for reasons I’ve mentioned in previous posts, so expect some cruder material this time around. Also, I’m beginning to push out of my comfort zone for writing into different varieties and genres, so quality may vary as I experiment.


Cherishing Cherry Blossoms

Magic Word: boodler

Playing around with the idea of mindscapes today!

Pure skies bathe the islands

Floating above the endless void

Cherry blossoms flutter to the snowy lands

Barren of bad weather,

Bastards, boodlers,

Blessed with peace and silence.

Kaleidoscope of Coulrophobia

Magic Word: Coulrophobia

They aim for flamboyant and fun

They devote life to putting on a show.

But you want to kick their shins and run

Make it clear their act is a no go.


Some turn cunning with knives

As they wait in the woods

They scare you, clear into your past lives

As they pretend to chase your goods


Strangely, one clown rose above them all

Said what we wanted, became our champ.

He has no tact, just mouth and gall

This clown makes my brain cramp.

Crowning of a Kakistocracy (Also known as “I’m Sorry for Today’s Writer’s Block”)

Magic Word: Kakistocracy

Nothing to fear

The orange comb over has come

He’ll send those illegals far from here

You’ll get a job! Don’t be so glum!


He’ll turn the United States to shit

Though he’s better than Umbridge, without much doubt.

A powerful man, his choice of clit

Just who we need for the four-year bout.


He’s definitely loving his plans for walls

That will keep the leech filth as bay!

Just what the people want; a man with balls

Who cares if he screws us over, he’s not gay.

Dropping the Ball

Magic World: Ambisinistrous

School sucks sometimes. Everyone from my friends to my haters to my teachers call me “Butterfinger Bill” because I’m almost guaranteed to break something if I’m holding it. It’s a wonder they don’t apply gorilla glue to my pens before an exam, or my ambisinistrous ways would make it dissolve on the spot. Oh boy, the day I find someone to propose to is going to be a ton of fun because I’ll probably drop the ring during the Polaroid moment that everyone gets when they pop the question. One weird thing that I can’t explain is that I can draw, I can out sketch many of the high school students, and I don’t practice that often. I think the people who make lefty products need to think harder if they’re going to help me… how do you make a hands-free cup, anyway? I take it the man who invented the beer cap couldn’t hold one either. Sometimes, one or two members of the human species turn out as an insult to creatures with opposable thumbs everywhere, but that’s alright, life’s still good.

Crushed Dreams and Glass

Magic Word: Defenestration

Today was a day for some scathing satire… a little sad in the end, to be honest.

“Guys! Guys! I just got kissed!” He said as he burst into the trailer home. His friends were gathered around the TV, each with a Pabst beer in hand as they watched their friend for him to finish his sentence. “…by a girl!” He exclaimed. The room was in a jubilant uproar at the mere mention of the idea. It was their mission in life to get a girl interested in them. After all, they needed someone to save them from themselves, despite their vehement insisting that they’re the manliest beings alive. “She’s good lookin’, and we like the same shit! She loves to hunt, fish and drink!”
“Like me!”

“So do I!”

“Sounds like lookin’ into a mirror!”

On the recliner, one was looking at something to the side, away from the sight of the others. The guy who entered noticed that he had not noticed his exclamation of being a better human being “What t’ hell are you doing?!” He quickly shoved something into his pocket as he looked up with a jolt of surprise. The other guys picked him up and emptied his pockets to reveal a copy of “Animal Farm”. The crowd went wild, and not in a good way. “This shit’s for commies and queers, boy, ain’t nobody looked at this shit around here!” The one who was kissed yelled as they grabbed his recliner with him in it, and proceeded to launch him out of the window. He landed face first on the ground with a soft thud, and slowly picked himself up.

And so ended the tale of how a literate redneck was defenestrated for doing his own thing. Their children and grandchildren would tell the tell for ages to come.


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