UT Tyler International Food Festival 2016


About once a semester or so, there is a celebration of international cultures at a campus in the city I commute to. The turnout this year is impressive, and it’s not even officially open yet.

The first booth of the day was Mexico, which served Concha (left) and candy. The Concha in particular was fantastic. It’s a soft, fluffy bread with a crumbly sugar icing on top.

Saudi Arabia had dates, which have a smooth texture with a sweet flavor. They also had Arabic coffee, which I regretfully had to decline because I don’t like caffeine. (I’ve been told it’s extremely potent, however.) The name card is my name in Arabic, by the way.




I visited the India booth, which had women in beautiful, intricate cultural dresses, and I was given a mini tour o the many landmarks of the subcontinent, as well as receiving my name in translation.




Vietnam was very informative, and has beautiful landmarks, and due to the music from the live performances, I had to lean down to hear the friendly Vietnamese host. (I tower over here at 6 feet.)

Korea had a form of fruit jelly and seaweed cookies, the latter which possessed a wafer texture with a mild sweetness, and the fruit jelly was chewy, juicy and had hints of fruit.



Costa Rica allowed me to taste candied sour cream and candied sugar cane. The former began with a mild taste with a sweet aftertaste, while the latter was a raw, powerful sweet flavor.




Nepal was also extremely informative, as I’d never considered how peaceful the country typically is before. This appears to be thanks to a competent military, which boasts some of the strongest soldiers in the world.

All in all, I was impressed by the event. There was local restaurants and grocery chains giving free samples (which I didn’t get anything due to the eternally large line, oh well), and the booths were drenched with information. Hopefully an even more elaborate event can be done in the coming semesters.


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