Thoughts and Impressions – Pokemon Generations Episodes 8-10

The past couple of weeks have given us another impressive batch of Generations episodes! Eight more to go, and we’ve touched on Gen 4 this week!

First off, I may have a phobia of flying magic weather whales now. This rainstorm that Kyogre starts is nothing short of terrifying. Second, check your team leader’s sanity so he doesn’t throw the one thing controlling said whale towards it. The ominous chorus playing during the theme music fits the scene perfectly. While the video is worth it to see the sheer scale of Kyogre’s power, it means that there isn’t much to see in a 5 minute video. Archie has a laugh worthy of being a One Piece character though. I’m more interested in what caused him to snap, honestly.

The CGI rock for the initial scene is a little off for the art style, but thankfully Rayquaza has an opinion about that as well. It’s nice to see Gabby and Ty get a little bit of personality, even though reporters using the “big scoop” cliché annoys me just a tad. Once again, the trainer is present, yet barely in the scene. Deoxys does it’s “dance” that it did when it was introduced in FireRed/LeafGreen, and an awesome remix of its theme commences for the battle. The capture in a zero gravity Ultra Ball was a nice touch, and so was the Gulpin key chain on the flash drive. I like how in Pokemon, cataclysmic beasts and creatures from the moon are allowed, but alien virus Pokemon are off the table.

The introduction with the camera focused on Cheryl and Chansey’s feet is a bit weird to me, but Chansey’s adorable demeanor more than makes up for that. The butler has an amazing voice actor, in my opinion, and the red-eyed moving painting is a tad cliché to me. If they wanted to get the haunted point across, the next scene did so perfectly. The butler’s attempt to starve the duo with illusions of food. I mean, the butler shows frustration when Chansey inexplicably.. gets full. They’re shown to their rooms, and the butler realizes that he’s been caught, revealing himself as one of the most glorious Haunters I’ve seen in Pokemon. The two then wake up, in the ruined version of the Chateau, which they’re immediately greeted by another ghost, who I assume is Rotom due to the static when it changes its face. On a more positive final note, the Buneary doll is cute.

I believe there was supposed to be 18 episodes, and we’ve reached the halfway point in the episodes. I’ll have another batch when there’s a few to review!


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