Thoughts and Impressions: Pokemon Generations Episodes 7

Hello, everyone! I haven’t been on in a few due to midterms and other preoccupations, so I figured I’d present this!

The episode opens with one of the most glorious spectacles of one-sided Pokemon battling I’ve seen since I first heard about the series. The music is excellent and the Crawdaunt submarine looks cool. Courtney’s cute/slightly psychotic persona creeps me out a just a bit, but I think that’s the point.Tabitha’s a bit annoying, though, bragging about how he’s learned basic intel. Doesn’t seem like a very secure guy. Maxie seems monotonous and emotionless, though that makes sense. Courtney has a premonition of the trouble that will start once Groudon is awakened?(I’m more confused that she’s suddenly a seer now.) The “Drought” music is excellent, and Groudon looks like the walking cataclysm it’s supposed to be. The episode wraps with by demonstrating just how unstable Courtney appears to be. She almost sounds aroused by being commanded to battle Ruby. “LET ME ANALYZE YOU!” It’s actually a nice touch, to give the admins more of their own personas from the rest of the grunts.

Again… Nintendo could make money by making this a full-fledged series. The pace of my personal life will likely pick up in the latter half of the semester, so posts may be more scarce.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Impressions: Pokemon Generations Episodes 7

  1. I wished that Nintendo did make this a series. I don’t think it would need to be a full 20 + episode series. At least they could expand on the battles. The animation is great.


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