Thoughts and Reactions: Power Rangers 2017 Teaser Trailer

After several months of waiting for it, the trailer for the new Power Rangers has finally hit the internet. Saban and Lionsgate have done an excellent job with posters and castings up until now, but the new clips from the movie look fantastic! It helps that Bill Hader will be Alpha 5, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame will be Zordon, and Goldar has been confirmed to be in the movie as well.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is that they managed to “modernize” the series and retain the vibrant colors of the original series. The rangers seem to have vibrant personalities and decent acting as well. The huge jumps the rangers were famous for are there, the martial arts poses are there, the works.

I love how the trailer keeps the amount of ranger material (suits, power coins, etc) to a bare minimum, almost as if Saban’s trying to say “We have your attention with this, and we haven’t brought the big guns out yet.”

One of the complaints I’ve heard from the trailer is that “bullying is a cliché”. One of the major points of the original Mighty Morphing series was ways to handle bullying, using violence as a last resort. Not only would it take away from the spirit of the source material to leave it out of the movie, but I’ll bet that many of the returning fans are bringing their kids, who need to see how to handle it in a modern setting. People have also said that Trini is too pretty to be in a bullying position. Again, this is false. Kids, especially teenagers, will look for the smallest “imperfections” to attack in another person.

I think one of the main points of the movie will be how the rangers deal with their new power once they’ve had a life of bullying. They didn’t have to train for their powers, simply acquire the coins, which could be an emotional shock and a huge jump in responsibility for a group of otherwise average teenagers.

I have a theory about the plot so far in the movie. The power coins likely come from a meteorite containing them, would explain the strange shape of the rock, the fact that mere teenagers had access to the rock, and that it was in a restricted area. It’s possible that Rita was either in the same meteorite or following it, but there’s not enough information to support that, speaking of which…

I love how they managed to make Rita into a credible threat to the rangers using only around 5 seconds of trailer time.

I haven’t looked forward to a proper Power Ranger movie since elementary school. I have yet to see anything I’m disappointed by in the reveals. Heck, even the Zords appear to be done nicely so far… March seems to be farther away now.




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