A Night of Dice Masters Drafting

I arrived earlier than anticipated for the Dice Masters tournament at the local comic shop, Ground Zero Comics. Tonight we performed our usual ritual when a draft occurs; we emptied the stuffing out of a Green Arrow and The Flash gravity feed, picked and passed the cards, then beat the stuffing out of each other in a 3 round friendly tournament. We had a huge turnout for a town of this size, with 18 people. Many of them were new faces to me, and are from all ages and walks of life.

Ground Zero comics has served the East Texas area for 23 years![2]

To the uninitiated, Dice Masters is a game where you use dice instead of trading cards to deal damage to your opponent. The themes vary from Marvel to DC to Dungeons and Dragons, with other variations. The game is in its early stages in terms of competitive gaming, so the concept of banned cards is relatively new, and different options for purchasing more dice are appearing, such as gravity feed only sets and team sets which do not include full starter set materials.


A Beholder dice bag to remind us who’s the boss around here…[1]

My drafted team became a set of heavy hitters such as Big Ups Giganta and Force of Mind Gorilla Grodd, with attack support such as Central City Streak Barry Allen.  My first opponent picked a low cost team which was easy to pay and run. Virgil Hawkins Static was excellent for knocking out sidekicks. After some discussion on the proper way to play Commish’s Daughter Batgirl, whose text specifically affects cards with targeting abilities, I finally made headwind and dealt damage, but ultimately tied. (Complete with the judge exclaiming “You kidding me?”)

My second opponent also used low-cost cards, with Big Entrance and Dark Avenger for basic actions. I dealt a clean 12 damage early on,but his Technis Imperative Cyborg crossover ability made attacks difficult later in the game. Time was called, but a sturdy defense saved my points or the win!

The final round was again a low-cost setup, but the player plays competitively. I didn’t last long, as they quickly built up a force for a OHKO.

With a win, a loss, and a draw, I’d say it was a good night for a casual player like myself. I had to leave early, so a buddy of mine is holding the prizes.


I don’t believe I’ve seen it this packed before! [2]

[1] Photo credits go to Karl! (Includes header photo)

[2]Photo credit goes to my crappy smart phone!

Links for Further Information:

Official Dice Masters Site

East Texas Dice Masters Group

Dice Masters Discussions Facebook page

Dice Masters Unlimited Facebook page




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