Fandoms Vs. Reality-Why Balance is a Great Idea

I’d like to start by noting that I’ve always been fascinated by something in my life. I’ve started with Sonic the Hedgehog in my early years, then I discovered Pokemon, then Naruto during my high school years, followed by One Piece, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure among others in current years. Recently, a friend has been troubled with someone criticizing his right to enjoy My Little Pony because he “is too out of touch with reality” in becoming a fan of the series.

For starters, I can see the offender’s actions as a bit hypocritical, as they likely have their own means of coping with life’s stresses as well. In our stress filled environment, people need a method of releasing that stress, whether it’s an art form, escapism, music, or in the case of fandoms, all of the above. As in any function a human is capable of, it’s unwise to indulge too much in a particular interest. Alcohol and consumption of food come to mind, for instance. However, this is not the case of my friend, who enjoys a healthy variety of interests. I was also someone who judged others for their hobbies at one point. When I was in high school, I used to think that my friends’ love of Dungeons and Dragons would make them losers who would live a loveless, unfulfilled life and tried at times to discourage them from playing it. My mindset was that I wanted them to be happy, and I foolishy believed I knew the best method of achieving that.

A fandom is a group of people who often gather for the interest of a particular subject. People in fandoms such as the My Little Pony fandom often express themselves through fan fiction, artwork and music, as well as dressing up in cosplay. People outside the fandom can see a different perspective from the people immersed in it, often believing that the individuals are “strange”. However, most experiences I’ve had show that the amount of strange individuals in a group differ no more than the general population. Most individuals have seen that one person who has an unpleasant mindset without a particular theme attached to it. In the case of My Little Pony, an outsider looking in believes that the men who take an interest in it surely must be mentally unstable. This is usually not the case. One such individual is an individual who goes by “Duskykatt Rhodes”, otherwise known as the manliest brony in the world. Guys like this simply found something they’re interested in, and enjoy it to the fullest.

I believe that as long as the individual is not creating harm to their self  or others, then why worry too much about what their personal tastes are? In the case of My Little Pony, the show continually shows different situations which the viewer can apply understanding and good will to a conflict. The show might have a focus of young girls, but the “magic” (I had to do that) of the show comes from the applicability of the lessons for all genders and age groups. Again, as long as moderation and common sense is taken into account, why are we worried about their love of the series? mlp-mane-6

At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be any problems as long as you try to live wisely and live happily in your day to day lives. Life’s too short and uncertain to be pent up with the issues of a simple past time.



2 thoughts on “Fandoms Vs. Reality-Why Balance is a Great Idea

  1. Great post. This is so relateable. As members of fandoms that are often misunderstood by others who don’t know much, we know what it’s like to be criticized for our hobbies or passions. For the most part, ignoring critics and just doing our own thing is the most powerful think we can do, but when the criticisms border on bullying, that’s when the real problem starts. I’m fortunate that I have not encountered any serious hatred or discrimination for being an anime fan, but I know some who have been subjected to these harsh maltreatment. I agree with you that no matter what our hobbies are, we are all different and have our own tastes. It’s just not right and not our business to say that being in a certain fandom is wrong because it’s not realistic enough or something like that. Good job on this post. Cheers!

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